DT Racer is an extreme no holds barred demolition racer. In order to be the best, you must possess not only racing skill, but also a fearless attitude in an anything goes racing environment. Your opponents will challenge you in an attempt to not only take you out of the race, but to take you down in a blaze of glory. Special attention to detail on collisions and car body designs lets cars crash and take damage. Everything from handling to speed can be compromised if too much damage is taken.

It is up to you to protect your car, while ripping apart others, and hopefully finish the race. Features include 2 player mode, 21 of the world's super cars, Eye Toy support, 22 tracks with 6 worldwide locations and much more!

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  • GameTitle: DT Racer
  • Developer: Axis Entertainment
  • Publisher: XS Games
  • Genre: Racing
  • Platforms: PS2
  • Release Date: Available Now
  • Price:   $14.99
  • Rating: E for Everyone

E for everyone

XS Games