Date added: June 21, 2004
Hear ye! Hear ye!

MC2-Microids unveils Knight's Apprentice:Memorick's Adventures

MONTREAL (Quebec), June 15, 2004 – Knights, on guard! MC2-Microids announces the launch of its very latest title, Knight's Apprentice: Memorick's Adventures, developed exclusively for the Xbox platform. In the company of Memorick, an apprentice knight, we will be carried off to the enchanted world of Merlin on the island of Avalon where he will fight valiantly to protect his native land against the forces of evil.

Players will be transported back to the magical age of Arthurian legend with its dragons, goddesses, fantastical characters and the mystical sword Excalibur.

"The entire family will be enthralled by the adventures of apprentice knight Memorick and by the game's exceptional images and characters," says Emmanuel Olivier, President of MC2-Microids. "It took some thirty talented developers at our Montreal studio two years to create this enchanted world."

The adventure-style game was produced entirely in MC2-Microids' studios in Montreal. Gamers will be able to explore its fantastic universes 19 levels and four distinct modes on horseback or on the wings of a griffon, and do battle against any of the twenty-six monsters that have leapt from the Montreal developers' imagination.

Knight's Apprentice: Memorick's Adventures, an Xbox exclusive, is developed and published by MC2-Microids and distributed by XS Games. The game has a suggested retail price of $29,99 and an ESRB rating of "T." For further information, visit the Knight's Apprentice: Memorick's Adventures site at or, for the media, the Microids site at

About MC2-Microids

Microids was founded in 1985 and merged with the group MC2 in 2003. The MC2-Microids group designs, develops, publishes and distributes video games for a variety of platforms. With offices in Paris, a studio in Montreal and distribution groups in Canada, France and Italy, MC2-Microids currently has over 150 employees, including 95 in Montreal. For further information, visit their site at

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