Drop anchor on your couch and fish the day away as you navigate some of North America’s most entertaining fishing hot spots. Featuring amazing gameplay, realistic physics, and authentic fishing gear used by the pros, The Strike is the most advanced and fun fishing game ever.


  • 111 Bass Pro Shops lures, 11 species of fish, 10 unique lakes, 10 tournaments, 9 awesome boats, 1 heck of a good time.
  • Search for legendary fish in each lake or take a break and compete in boat racing and casting challenges
  • Gameplay options for seasoned fisherman, first-timers, or hardcore gamers


Q: When I put the Strike in my Nintendo Wii, the game goes back to the main menu when I attempt to start it.

A: When access to WMB/UGC is restricted, the game exits to the System Menu on startup.

You must go to the Parental controls settings and set the Wii Message Board/User Generated Content flag to "enabled", or "not restricted". This will resolve the issue.

Q: I cannot select Configuration B in game options. It appears to always default to A.

A: The menu does not accurately show you what controller configuration is toggled. So if you select B and back out to the menu will always show A once you go back to controller settings. Once the user selects B and backs out the configuration will work.

Q: The fishing rod for the Strike is defective. What should I do?

A: To get a replacement pole, fax a copy of the sales receipt to the following number: 909-728-4548. Send the fax ATTN RMA and please include your name, address, phone number, model number, email address, and a brief description of the issue. Within 7 to 10 days of faxing the info the customer will receive a return authorization number and further instructions.

Q: I am having problems fishing and playing the game in general is there a resource that can help me with the Strike.

A: We would recommend checking out there are several helpful videos on the game's website including a tutorial on how to cast. From the home page if you click on the "video/screenshots" tab along the bottom it will bring you a selection of of which is "Casting 101."

In general though, the casting movement backward should be a bit more "jerky" than a real-life cast because you have to get the accelerometer in the pole to recognize your movement backward. Then you should "flick" it forward and release the trigger to launch the lure. Once you get it down a few times and get the feel for it--it becomes manageable.

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  • GameTitle: Bass Pro: The Strike
  • Developer: Piranha Games
  • Publisher: XS Games
  • Genre: Sports
  • Platforms: Wii
  • Release Date: October 06, 2009
  • Price: $39.99
  • Rating: E for Everyone

E for Everyone
Game Website: